Luxe Nail Spa


OUR MISSION. Walk into the wonderful world of nails and be pampered by our creative, professional technicians while coming with us at a beautiful corner in Pompano Beach, FL 33062- Luxe Nail Spa is one of the best nail salons in the industry.

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WHY CHOOSE US? We strive for proving our beloved customers the highest quality of quality & standards, together with well-trained, gently and professional staff to make sure that when you come to our salon, you will have a pleasant experience.

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WHAT WE DO. Come to visit us, you can find all nail care and beauty services, from Manicure, Pedicure, Nail Enhancements to Waxing, Facial... Besides, all of them are at decent prices, so there is no hesitation when you use one or even more our services.

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Our Services


For everyday care, try this manicure to keep you nails healthy. Includes a nail trim, shape, buff, cuticle trim, massage, & polish, for a lovely appearance.


Luxe Nail Spa goes above and beyond required Florida State regulations for cosmetology salons. While disinfecting regulations are met & exceeded, a disposable liner is offered for a worry-free visit

Nail Enhancement

Provide gorgeous, long-lasting, lift-resistant enhancements for nails that know no limits! USE non-acetone nail polish remover


Our salon always provides special promotions to bring the biggest benefits to our customers. Do not miss any chance to get all of our coupon!


With our talented & skillful technicians, we always strive for making your skin totally rejuvenated, improving its natural look and raising your beauty up.


Give your face, arms, legs and any part of your body a waxing treatment. It is then removed quickly and painlessly to reveal smooth hair free skin.